The Angry Tree

As mentioned before I feel like The Angry Tree deserves a post to itself. So, here is the story of the painting you love or hate, or have grown to love.

In 2007, I decided I wanted to start painting. I cannot draw. I know nothing about paint. But, it sounded idyllic and I was interested. I also would see abstract art that I liked and think, “I could totally do that!” Well, that’s not really the case.

I have a thing for trees in the winter. I LOVE how leafless trees look on the horizon. I don’t know if it’s the lines or what, but I think they are beautiful. So I decided my first painting would be simple. A thin tree off centered with lots of limbs and a plain white background.

I started with the trunk and being the perfectionist (not compatible with artist, btw!) I am, I painted the line and it wasn’t straight. So, I painted over it and it got thicker. This process repeated itself until the trunk was, well, fat.

I moved onto the branches. I don’t know why I thought the branches needed to be curvy, but that’s what I painted. I realized it looked really terrible, and decided to just continue on adding branches. After all branches were added, it looked even more terrible. Really bad. Awful. I hated it. It made me mad, er, angry.

So, where the simple white background would be, I dipped my paint brush in red paint and filled in the ugly background around the ugly tree. Ugh, I thought. I hate this. Worst painting ever.

Jeremy was in the living room watching TV, and I knew there was an empty nail on a wall just behind our front door. I decided to hang it up there as a joke to show him my masterpiece. After laughing his ass off at me being supportive, we continued with our evening forgetting about the painting.

As I said, the painting was hung behind our front door, so it was easily overlooked. It stayed there, not on purpose, but because we simply forgot about it. I’m not sure if it was a week or a month later but when our friends the Launchbaugh’s came over, they spotted the painting and we all laughed. I told them my 0riginal vision and the reason behind the red painted background. It was bad. It was really, really bad. Agreed.We decided upon the name “Angry Tree” and it stuck.

Again, time passed with the painting still up because we just forgot about it. As more and more friends saw it and we told the story behind it we all became weirdly attached to this ugly painting. And, it stayed up on purpose. Simply because it was funny.

Fast forward again, two years later to us moving in our brand new house. When friend’s came to see the new casa, one of the first questions was, “Where is Angry Tree going?!?!” So, angry tree now has prime real estate in our entry way. I have grown to love this painting because it makes me happy thinking about laughing about it with our friends. So, here it is folks. My masterpiece:


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah L.
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 21:30:42

    Aw, the angry tree!! I love that tree!


  2. Amy
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 07:02:11

    Mike still wants to buy Angry Tree. Ha ha ha


  3. Candice
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 09:23:35



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