Around the Rice House

It’s summer and things have been busy. Good busy. When people ask, so, what you have you guys been up to? I’m not really sure exactly what, but I know we have been doing stuff. You know that feeling? Here are some pics from our recent shinanigans.

The Bixby Green Corn Festival. Rebekah had a blast eaten’ Cheetos and watching the parade. Jeremy and I had a blast eating fair food including: Indian Taco, Corn Dog, Fresh Lemonade, Pineapple Whip & of course, roasted corn.

Rebekah was a fan of the pineapple whip.

LOTS of pool time. Most of it is spent with Rebekah taking her cups (which are the cups I kept from the Easter Egg Dye kit we never used) and filling one up with water and then pouring the water into another cup. Who would have guessed they would be so multifunctional!?

We had an impromptu holiday cookout with some friends and I didn’t get my camera out until the end, but I captured Rebekah and Caroline playing ball outside. They are just too adorable!

Not the best photo, but it’s from my phone. Rebekah on her first day of summer school. She was NOT happy about it when I dropped her off, but I’m sure she had fun playing all.

Meet Fred. He’s our new family addition. He comes out every night and eats all the bugs on our patio. We’ve actually become pretty attached to him and worry when we don’t see him. We usually leave the light on for him overnight so he gets plenty of grub.


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