Hello blogosphere! My computer crashed about two weeks ago and I feel so behind and out of the loop! It’s been a fun and busy July and one of the highlights was a trip to Vancouver with my best friends from high school.

Heather, Megan, Angela & I have been friends since we were 15/16 years old. One night we were having dinner at Chili’s when we were around 16 and we each wrote part of our name on a coaster. We shuffled them up, and created the word, Canangeran (Can-Ang-Er-An) and we call ourselves that to this day. We have been through A LOT together and wish we could get together more often. These girls are a rock for me, and I love them each so much.

Since we all live in different cities, five years ago we decided to do an annual trip. We’ve done Vegas, Austin, Houston (where it all began!) Tulsa and went big for our five year trip and decided on Vancouver. Here are some pics of our fun trip!

I am proud of this picture! We all got up around 3am to catch our various flights (two from Austin, one from Boston and one Tulsa) and this is around midnight Vancouver time. Our plan the first day was to get settled and rent bikes to take through Stanley Park and the city. After getting settled we went to lunch, drank wine and chatted. Instead of going to get the bikes, we found a restaurant with outdoor seating, proceeded to order a bottle bottles of wine and talk each others ears off for hours. We continued on our exploration of the city’s best places to get drinks.

This picture jumps all the way to the last day of the trip. When you travel with Heather, you designate her as the trip photographer because she’s amazing so I don’t have a ton of pics from my camera. We did end up renting bikes, going to Kitslano beach, eating at fun restaurants and of course talking. Lots and lots of talking. These pictures are at Grouse Mountain where Megan and I went zip lining. It was SO FUN and beautiful!! A person in our group took the top pic and it’s both of us going across one of the taller lines.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. HKHK
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 08:14:05

    She don’t know 🙂 Love this post….Vancouver adventures were so much fun!


  2. Megan, "An"
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 10:15:22

    I love u girls trip we will remember forever! Where to next?!


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