40 by 40

You can read my post about this here. This page is to keep myself updated and accountable!

1)      Get involved with a charity (Women for Women, Parkinson’s or low income teens in Tulsa)

2)      Run the NYC Marathon

3)      Rock Climb

4)      Get Lasik

5)      Go Vegan for 1 week

6)      Finish ALL scrapbooks

7)      Go back to Africa & Sand Surf

8)      Stop drinking pop daily

9)      Take a photography Class

10)   Plant a garden

11)   Start composting

12)   Learn photo editing

13)   Paint 2 canvases for house

14)   Learn to sew…even if it’s just a button

15)   Start a gratitude journal…daily

16)   Compete in a triathlon

17)   Grow herbs

18)   Have indoor plants

19)   Spa day with my mom

20)   Scan all photos onto a hard drive and back up hard drive and get rid of paper old photos

21)   Canangeran Relay Marathon

22)   Create a Family Photo Wall

23)   Have a progressive dinner with friends

24)   International trip with Jeremy (Mexico and Canada DO NOT count!)

25)   KKG T-shirt Quilt

26)   Frame favorite quotes and put in vanity – Check! 06/01/11

27)   Learn to can…at least tomatoes

28)   Finish furnishing living room & entry

29)   Furnish Bedroom

30)   Invisalign

31)   Go ice-climbing with Jeremy

32)   Try a nutritional detox

33)   Attend a meditation or yoga retreat

34)   Go back to The Royal in Playa del Carmen with Jeremy

35)   Create a collage of Rebekah’s first year

36)   Find and join a church

37)   Adopt a child from Africa

38)   Go to the Final Four with Jeremy (preferably to see OSU)

39)   Explore becoming a yoga instructor

40)   Take a professional organizing course


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