Thanks for visiting us – I say us to be inclusive of my family, but we both know who will be doing most all of the blogging. I have wanted to start this blog for a long time. I had a blog when my husband and I were in our 20’s telling the tales of young married couple, but I felt like I wanted a new blog for this new chapter of our life. I like lists, bullet points and organizing so here are the facts about us.

– Our family includes my husband, Jeremy, myself, Canaan, and our little girl, Rebekah. Our doggie, Austin and our cat, Mayzee, have sadly taken a back seat since Rebekah arrived.

– We have been married since March 2003. We were in our early 20’s when we got married and though we have both grown and changed much since our days at OSU, we are grateful we have grown and changed together.

– We had our daughter in August 2009, yes, 7 1/2 years after getting married. Even though we were married young, we had a lot of living to do before we started a family.

– We love travel, anything outdoors, animals and hanging out with our friends. We want to adopt and have a large family.

I’m glad you stopped by and hope you enjoy our stories!


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  1. Jill Dark
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 09:57:27

    Love your blog! That’s awesome about the adoption story and finding out you were prego! Very exciting about yalls want to adopt…hope all that goes smoothly when the time comes…sounds like a long, tidious, expensive process, but obviously worthwhile! That will be a lucky baby to have you as a mom 🙂 Didnt know your brother was in South Africa…why is he there? I look foward to your blogs to come!


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